All the instruments' information you may need to know.
Electrophoresis and Imager
MaestroWEP Vertical Electrophoresis System
  • Appropriate for all-sized commercial pre-cast gel
  • Cassette holder changeable: Compatible with 10 x 8 or 10 x 10cm gel cassette
  • Compatible with different gell cassette thickness:ranging 3.2-7.3mm
Slider Imager
  • Quality: Digital camera ~100% dark room photography
  • Friendly: USB interface, rotatable LCD monitor
  • Safe: Cutting gel with Ultrasafe UV shield (99.99% UV cut off)
  • Easy Powering: No change or re-charge camera batteries
ultraSlim LED Illuminator
  • Sensitive: Sensitivity up to 0.5ng, optimized for nucleic acid and protein stains
  • Compact: 30mm in height, THINNEST
  • User Friendly: Easy move, view and cut gel
  • Safe: No eyes and skin burning, no DNA damage
miniCute imager
  • 100% fit into ultraSlim LED Illuminator
  • Quality: Digital camera ~100% dark room photography
  • Light and convenient to move
Ral time electrophoresis LED Illuminator
  • Time and cost saving from error
  • Compatible with mupid-sized tank
  • Strong blue LED: optimized with nuclei acid dyes
  • High sensitivity (~2ng), anti-fog, no DNA damage
"AgileCyclerTM Color Touch Thermal Cycler"
  • Accurate and uniform temperature across block surface
  • 8'' TFT color touch screen with graphical display for easy set up and monitoring
  • 30 thermal cyclers linked simultaneously to one PC via LAN
  • Maximum temperature gradient 30℃
  • Compatible with Mouse and Keyboard, transfer data by USB Drive
Power Li-Dry Bath
  • Temperature 0 ℃ - 100 ℃ with programmable time up to 24 hours
  • Average heating rate 16℃ to 60℃:8℃ / min
  • Average chilling rate 60℃ to 4℃:3℃/ min
  • Ultra rapid cooling: less than 10min from RT to below 4℃
  • Ice free, keep 4℃ below more than 25min without cooler
  • Easy organize and dry samples
Nano Spectrophotometer
UVISDrop™ Micro-volume UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Full spectrum measurement (200-850nm)
  • Only 0.5 - 2.5 ul sample is needed
  • Automatically complete measurement in 5 seconds
  • Comes with software for data storage function
Micro-volume Nucleic Acid Spectrophotometer
  • Wavelength range 260, 280 and 380nm
  • Only 1.5-2.5ul sample is needed
  • Complete measurement in 3 seconds
  • Comes with software for data storage function
Microplate Reader
AgileReaderTM Microplate Reader
  • 2 analysis method: cut-off and quantitative analysis methods
  • Can customize filter wheel’s configuration to different wavelength
  • Measuring speed lower than 5s per plate with the upmost precision
  • Build-in incubator for kinetic studies
  • PC-Mate software to control and store data through the PC
iFuge Smart Personal Centrifuge
  • Maximum 6000 RPM
  • 8 place closed rotor for quiet and powerful operation
  • Electronic safety brake
iFuge Table Top Genius
  • Maximum 15000 RPM
  • Microprocessor based mini centrifuges with large back-lit LCD display
  • 12 or 18 slot aerosol rotors for 1.5/2.0ml micro tubes
  • Imbalance identification system with automatic cut off
iFuge M24PR Refrigerated Lab Champion
  • Maximum 14000 RPM
  • Fast cool function, powerful refrigeration
  • 24,30,44 slot for 1.5/2.0ml microtubes or PCR strip aerosol rotors
  • Programmable-up to 99 programs, 2 favorite programs hort keys
  • Imbalance identification system with automatic cut off
Agile Vortex Mixer
  • Speed control 200 to 3000rpm
  • Adaptor: 7-tube, multi-tube platform or micro-plate holder
  • Lower center of gravity allows stable rotation
Pipette Aid
ComfyAid Pipetting Aid
  • 2000 times continous work
  • PTFE filter blocking liquid from entering the unit
  • High or low speed liquid aspiration
AgileGrinder - Handled Cordless Grinder
  • Motor driven, rechargeable battery (10hours usage)
  • Ideal for re-suspending and disrupting tissue
Tissue Array
 Manual Tissue Arrayer
  • Puncher set that saves your tissue array workflow time
  • Stainless body design-easy cleaning, long life-time
  • Adjustable needle covers for any punching depth
  • Flexible adapter for various sizes of punching needles
Omni automatic tissue microarrayer
  • Fully automatic, high throughput workflow
  • Computer controlled, no more manual operation
  • Graphical user interface for easy operation
  • CCD integration for fast and easy punch area selection
  • Tissue database allows fast and easy tracking and maintenance